The Dos and Don'ts of Packing Your Storage Unit

When it comes to renting a storage unit, proper packing is essential to ensure your belongings are safe and secure. However, packing a storage unit can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure where to start. In this blog, we’ll go over the dos and don’ts of packing your storage unit, so you can rest easy knowing your items are protected.


1. Do label all boxes and containers. This will help you find items easily when you need them. Be sure to label both the top and sides of each box.

2. Do use sturdy, high-quality boxes and containers. This will help prevent damage to your items and ensure they stay safe and secure.

3. Do use packing materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, and foam peanuts to protect fragile items such as glassware, electronics, and artwork.

4. Do make use of shelving units and pallets to keep items off the ground and allow for easy access to your belongings.

5. Do create an inventory of the items in your storage unit. This will help you keep track of what you have stored and ensure you don’t forget anything when it’s time to retrieve your items.


1. Don’t overpack boxes or containers. This can lead to boxes breaking or items being damaged during transport.

2. Don’t store items that are illegal or hazardous, such as chemicals or explosives.

3. Don’t store perishable items such as food or plants. These items can attract pests and cause damage to your other belongings.

4. Don’t forget to leave space between items to allow for air circulation. This will help prevent mold and mildew from developing.

5. Don’t forget to lock your storage unit securely. This will help prevent theft and ensure your items are safe and protected.

Additional Tips:

1. Disassemble large items such as furniture and store them flat to save space.

2. Use vacuum-sealed bags for clothing and linens to save space.

3. Store heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top to prevent damage.

4. Use plastic sheeting to cover items such as furniture and mattresses to protect them from dust and dirt.

5. Don’t forget to purchase insurance for your storage unit to ensure your items are covered in case of damage or theft.

In conclusion, packing a storage unit requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following these dos and don’ts of packing your storage unit, you can ensure your items stay safe and protected. Remember to label boxes, use high-quality packing materials, and create an inventory of your items. And most importantly, don’t forget to lock your storage unit securely to prevent theft. By taking these steps, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and secure.

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