How to Organize and Store Holiday Decorations

store holiday decorations

This time of year is all about holiday decorations. However, as the days get closer to Christmas, many people find themselves scrambling around their homes, trying to sort through boxes and bags of ornaments. Have you ever wondered why it can be so difficult to store holiday decorations? We are here to discuss how to organize and store your holiday decorations for a stress-free season.

Plan Ahead

Come up with a list of where each decor will be stored in your house at least two weeks before moving them all into place. This way, they won’t end up lying around waiting to be used or stored. Divide the storage list into three sections: one for items that can be stored in boxes or containers, another for bags, and the last section is reserved only for things that have no storage value. Then, create or find these storage containers that can hold your decorations. Lastly, store items properly right away to avoid small accidents from happening. Some things may need a quick touch-up before being used again, but this won’t take much time out of the holiday season if they’re stored correctly.

Which Storage Material Should You Use?


Storing Ornaments in Cardboard Boxes


store holiday decorations

Fill the bottom of a box with tissue paper (or crumpled up plastic grocery bags). This will help keep decorations from bumping into each other and breaking. Tuck smaller decor items in amongst larger ones to prevent shifting during travel time. Make sure they don’t stick out too far over the edges. Otherwise, it can be easy for them to fall out or get caught on something as you’re putting your boxes away.



Storing in Glass Jars


store holiday decorations

Glass jars provide the perfect space for bows, ribbon & other trimmings while adding some style points at the same time too. You can also place small figurines inside of these types of containers.



Use Dressers and Furniture


store holiday decorations

You can also use dressers and other types of furniture for additional storage space when trying to organize holiday decorations. Wall shelves are great too because they provide extra room on top while allowing your guests easier access to what’s inside. They’re especially useful when organizing Christmas tree trimmings such as garland, tinsel, wire reindeer & lights.



Use Storage Containers


store holiday decorations

Use clear bins and baskets where possible because they make it easier to find what you’re looking for when the time comes around. Go with lighter colors or white because they display items well if using clear containers. You also want them to be sturdy enough not to break during transport and use – this is especially important if there are fragile pieces inside.

When it comes to organizing larger decorations, keep all outdoor lights together in one place (and separate from indoor ones). Another option would be using an old umbrella stand or umbrella holder to hold items until it’s time to decorate. Ensure that whatever container you use is placed in an area where you won’t accidentally knock things over or run into them.

Designate an Area to Keep Holiday Decorations

Do you have a large attic? Or maybe even a spare bedroom that hasn’t been put to use lately? Consider setting up this space as your storage room for all of your extra decors, such as outdoor lights and trees. If you don’t want it getting cluttered, try labeling containers with what’s inside before bringing them in from outside. This will help eliminate confusion during cleanup time.

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