Why You Need a Storage Unit for Garage Sale Season

Garage sale

After the long winter, you may be wondering what to do about the clutter that built up in your home. Spring is the perfect time to go through your unwanted items and hold a garage sale. While getting ready for this event, there are a few ways storage units can come in handy. Here’s how a storage unit will be helpful during garage sale season.

Utilizing A Storage Unit

garage sale

Naturally, it would be ideal to use the garage and yard space to prepare for the event, but it may prove to be too involved and confusing. When using storage space for this purpose, it becomes easier simply because of the extra room. This gives the homeowner the ability to move around freely, organize items and will likely cut down on stress. The opportunity to step away from the venue and take a close look at the merchandise can be necessary to the success of the sale.

Pre-Sale Prep

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Once the desired stock is at the storage location, the bulk of the work can begin. All the sorting, cleaning, repairing and other maintenance, which would be a bit of a nuisance to do at home, is calmly undertaken. A fun part of this is determining the amount and value of the individual pieces. It is easy to lose track of what was once considered a domestic treasure; as for the garage, it becomes the last stop for your once cherished possessions. Now that value is determined and everything is priced, all the folded garments are put in boxes and the furniture is polished. The time has come to organize it in a truck, so it is ready for transport.

The Big Day

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The site for the garage sale is clean and set up for success, the tables are put together and there are colorful balloons ready to cheerily greet the customers. Since a storage unit was used, all that is left to do is simply unload and place the goods in a strategic fashion. Whether this last step is going to be done the night before or the morning of, it will not take long at all to get it situated accordingly. Once that is all done, there is nothing left to do but enjoy the customers while collecting some well-deserved cash.


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