Five Reasons You Need to Rent a Storage Unit

by Secure Climate Storage

Feb 16, 2021

Americans are constantly looking for an easy way to safely store their belongings. Compared to other options, self-storage units offer a convenient and inexpensive way to keep your items out of harm’s way when you don’t need them. Whether you are decluttering your home or need a space for office supplies, a storage company can help keep your items safe. Here are five reasons you may need to rent a storage unit:

Moving to a New Home

rent a storage unit

One of the more popular reasons Americans rent storage units is because they are gearing up for a move and need the extra space. It’s usually not as simple as packing up your items and moving them directly from one home to another. For example, if you are moving just a short distance, your home may sell before your new one is ready for you to move into. Therefore, you need a space to keep your belongings while you crash with a friend or in a hotel for the next couple of weeks.

You’re Renovating Your Space

rent a storage unit

Are you working on a huge home improvement project and running out of space in your home? You probably already know how difficult it can be to add an addition to your home, tear apart your kitchen, or repaint a few rooms while there is furniture and other things in the way. Renting a storage space allows you to keep your belongings safe and untouched while you move about your home freely during a big renovation.

You Need Space for Bigger Items

rent a storage unit

You may already be searching for extra space in and around your home. If you make one more purchase, you’ll likely need some extra space to help out. A self-storage unit is a great place to store old furniture or other bulky items that you aren’t trying to get rid of just yet. Many units also offer secure parking garages that allow you to store boats, cars, campers, trailers, and recreational vehicles.

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You’re a Collector

Almost every American collects something in their home. You may love to collect glassware, dishes, sports memorabilia, antiques, or art. The list is truly endless. However, all these items can quickly take over your home, especially if you have been collecting them for years. Storage space is the perfect solution. Additionally, many companies offer climate-controlled spaces that will keep all of your belongings safe from outside elements that could cause damage, such as extreme heat or cold.

You’re in the Military

rent a storage unit

If you are a part of the armed forces, then you know how much packing you are likely to do while you serve. If you are facing deployment and need to pack most of your belongings away for at least a year, storage space is the best solution. Your items will be kept safe while you are away, and you can pay for the unit on a month-to-month basis. Packing for your next move or deployment won’t be as stressful when you know your personal belongings will be safe.  

Contact Secure Climate For Your Storage Needs

No matter how you choose to pack your items, Secure Climate Storage provides the safest and most secure storage units in the Savannah area. We feature a wide range of sizes, prices, and types of units. Contact Secure Climate for all your storage needs today! Pack it, store it, stow it– no matter the case, we’ll have the perfect unit for you. These five reasons will hopefully help in deciding if renting a unit may be your best option.


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